Updates and Bugfixes


Problem: The real time clock (RTC) does not work with ATMega2561 and Bascom.
Solution: The problem results of a bug in the file Mega2561def.dat including version (file data) of 30.03.2007. Download the corrected file here and copy into your Bascom directory. M2561def.dat (use only if your existing file shows a file date older than 1. April 2007)

2.1 Zoll Display:

Problem: The command LCD_Draw sometimes does not work correctly.
Solution: This only happens with Bascom and our Include-file GLCD21_Display3000.bas (Version 1.02; corrected from V 1.03).
Open file GLCD21_Display3000.bas and go to Subroutine LCD_Draw (starting approx. from line 330). Then delete the second line Local ..... and copy and paste the following line instead. Done.
Local Hx As Integer , Hy As Integer , Xinc As Integer , Yinc As Integer , Lcd_d As Integer , Lcd_c As Integer , Lcd_m As Integer , Lcd_x As Byte , Lcd_y As Byte









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