The Software (Basic and C)

Together with the display we deliver a full documentation and several sample programs using all advantaqes of the display.

These sample programs includes all commands needed to communicate with the display. Nothing is hided.

These sample programs include subroutines which does the work to communicate to the display. You as the programmer are able to use these subroutines for a comfortable programming. You may use only these new commands in your program.

These sample programs has been written by us in Basic and C and are heavily commented. We deliver also a full version of WinAVR C compiler (open source) and a limited version of the commercial Bascom Basic compiler on our CD.

We wrote the code for the micro controller of Atmels AVR ATMEGA series. As we are not using any specials of this microcontroller you are able to use the code on any other microcontroller if you want with just a few changes.


available commands for
1.5” and 2.1” display:

Clear screen

LCD_Print (...Parameter....)
Parameter: text string, X & Y-Position,. Font, X-scaling, Y-scaling, forground color, background color.
Prints a string to the display at position x,y with the given font, font scaling and font color

LCD_Plot (...Parameter...)
Parameter: X & Y-position, thickness, pixel color
Plots a single pixel

LCD_Draw (...Parameter...)
Parameter: X & Y-position start, X & Y-position end, thickness, color
Draws a line from the coordinates x1,y1 to the coordinate x2,y2. No matter what direction. This algorithm is very fast as it is using only integer numbers for calculation.

LCD_Box (...Parameter...)
Parameter: X & Y-position start, X & Y-position ende, color
Draws a colored box.

LCD_Rect (...Parameter...)
Parameter: X & Y-position start, X & Y-position ende, thickness, color
raws a colored frame (non filled).

LCD_Bitmap (...Parameter...)
Parameter: X & Y-position start, X & Y-position ende, data compression, color mode
Brings any bitmap to the screen. This could be an icon or a logo or a background picture. We deliver also a Windows-software utility which converts any bitmap in in useable data arrays for the mikro controller (includes compression, usage of color reduces pictures and more).

Orientation = Portrait | Portrait180 | Landscape |Landscape180 *
Defines the output direction of the following output commands (=you can use the display in all four orientation*)

Graphics_mode = 65k_uncompressed | 65k_compressed | 256low_uncompressed | 256low_compressed | 256high_uncompressed | 256high_compressed
Defines the needed algorithm for the bitmap routine to decode and display the following graphics correctly.

*= the 1.5” display only knows 2 mode: Portrait and Landscape

150$ worth graphics utility included:

We ship a comfortable and useful utility on our CD which allows you to convert / encode / compress existing graphics into a format, microcontrollers can read. You may convert to Basic, C or any user defined format, reduce colors, compress, save color tables etc.



D072 Vorne-151

2.1 display -150










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