Our vision

For many years programmers of micro controllers have been using the non attractive green or blue 1x16 or 4x20 LCD. We want to stop this and have decided to bring a non expensive color display to the market.

Do not misunderstand us: color displays and the needed software libraries have been available for a long period of time. But for what price? A software library easily costs 1200 US $ and more - and just the bare display often starts at 75 US$.

Our vision is, that everybody is able to work in the future with a color display with low related cost.

Everybody should be able to use this color display, so we developed a software driver a child would understand and that can be ported to any individual project with ease. No matter if you are working with ARM, PICs, a Renesas M16C, a 8512, with C-Control, Basic Stamp, Linux or any other type.No matter with Basic, C, Assembler... - driving the display is easy and our detailed documentation explains everything.

This internet site has been structured in 5 main units:

a) The Displays: A description of the available products
b) Comparision: A collumn based overview of all of our products - so it is easy for you to see the differences and to select the correct product for your needs
c) Overview of documentation and software we show you what we deliver together with the display
Downloads: Here you are able to download several information documents. With your customer Id and your password you will be able to download any future software enhancements for free.
e) The Shop: Here you will be able to purchase our products for a very affordable price.


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