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The programmers manual and the software for Basic and C are exclusively available only for our customer. These are only available by purchasing a display module. With the module you will receive a CD with >100 MByte of content.

if you want to ask if there is a software update available: Please send a mail with the date of the current version and with your customer id # (see invoice).

Warning: some of the listed files are large PDFs (up to 3 MByte) so stay patient.

2.1” Display modules

Module D071 (ATMega128 / ATMega 2561 / AT90CAN128) (Update 14.Jan. 2008)

Module D072 (ATMega128 / ATMega 2561 / AT90CAN128) (Update 03.Oct. 2008)

Module D012 (Update December 2008)

Development boards für D072 and D073 (Update June 2007)

Drill Template and sizes for D072 (Update July 2007)

Drill Template and sizes for D012 (Update August 2007)

1.5” Display modules:

Module D011 (Update October 2006)

Module D061 (ATMega128 / ATMega 2561 / AT90CAN128) (Update October 2006)

Module D062x (ATMega128 / ATMega 2561 / AT90CAN128) (Update August 2007)

Development boards for D062x (Update June 2007)

Drill Template and sizes for D062x (Update July 2007)

Specs of display connector C001

Older modules, not available anymore:

Module D072 V8 (ATMega128 / ATMega 2561 / AT90CAN128)

Module D041 (with ATMega 8)

Module D073 (ATMega128 / ATMega 2561 / AT90CAN128)









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