The documentation

The documentation and sample programs are the most important part of our modules. You may rebuild the hardware, but without knowing how to communicate with the display it might prove difficult to port the sample programs to other programming languages / platforms.

You may be happy just using our routines and samples - but at some time you may wish to modify or optimize our routines and samples, then you may need the documentation to understand the structure of those routines and samples.

On the documentation alone, we have worked over 100 hours. This might give you an idea how much detail we have included.

The documentation is structured into 4 sections:


  • Power supply, pin connection etc.
  • possible modification of the hardware
  • connection to the micro controller


  • Usage of the sample programs
  • modification of the sample programs
  • how to port the sample programs to other systems / programming languages

Programming of the display

  • Open an output window
  • Output of pixels
  • Output of text
  • Output of single colored graphics
  • Introduction of the color system of the display
  • Color tables
  • Output of colored pixel
  • Output of multi colored graphics
  • Optimizing for the output of photos
  • All programming codes of the display
  • Timing, clock vs. data lines

FAQ, possible problems



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