The 2.1” Display

This displays offers an approx. 80% larger avtive display area than the 1.5” display. Now you are able to show even more information on your screen or to enlargen the appearance that the display content can be read from a larger distance.

This 2.1” display is brighter than the 1.5” display and offers better readability - even without using the internal lighting this display can be read (other than the 1.5” display which needs the internal lighting).

With this display you are now able to set up a professional solution including a 176x132 pixel color TFT quickly and without much costs. We do offer several solution with this display:

Our 2,1”-TFT solutions:

Module without embedded microcontroller for a connection to any existing microcontroller (no matter which brand - can be Arm, AVR, PIC etc. This module comes with all electronics and our PowerBooster. You just need 5 Volt and some lines to your microcontroller (no matter which voltage) and the you can extend any solution by our famous 2.1” color TFT.

Full solution including mikrocontroller for your application:
You will receive a ready to run module including microcontroller and color TFT. No wiring etc. needed - everything is set up at this module. Add power and run it! The integrated area with switches can be removed if you need space. There are three different modules available:

3 x ATMega 128 - there is the minimodule (D072) with its additional available experimental PCBs, the D073 which is a bit larger than the D072 and offers more ports and then the D071 which offers ALL ports of the integrated microcontroller.

ATMega2561 or AT90CAN128: Each of the modules mentioned above can be delivered with an ATMega2561 (doubles programming memory and RAM to 256KByte / 8 KByte) or AT90CAN128 (offers integrated CAN bus).

Check the comparision sheet for all available variants and do not forget to check the page with screen shots.


2.1 display -150


D072 Vorne-151








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