The 1.5” Displays

With our 1.5” displays you now are able to enhance your solutions with a lowprice high resolution color display. Using our color LCDs we are offering several modules. More -larger- displays are in preperation but should not be expected before the end of 2007.

Our 1.5” solutions:

Mini module: Reduced to the max - no extra space beside the display needed.

Module including a micro controller, color display and input devices - All-in-one solution with a minimum needed space. The key-sections of each of these modules could be eliminated to reduce the needed size even more. There are 3 processor modules availale:

ATMega 8 - Minimodule, exactly the size ot the display itself but even then including a micro controller and RS232 interface and PowerBooster. Some ports are available.
ATMega 128 - including with switches, RS232 interace, PowerBooster. All ports are available.
AT90CAN128 - if you want to connect your module to a CAN Interface (e.g. a modern car).
ATMega2561- reduced to the max - many ports available at minimum size. Additional development PCBs allows a maximum flexibility.

All modules are available now with an optional integrated power booster (standard at our micro controller boards). You will not need a higher extra voltage then anymore: only 5 Volt is sufficent.

Our overview gives you a detailed comparison between our different products and helps you to select the correct one.

d010 von vorne -15002
simulation d020 mit taster - 15004

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